Certificate 3 Mechanical Fitting Queensland


You might as well do it, and get paid for what you’re worth.

Hi, I’m Michael Gray. I’m 28 years old. I did my Certificate 3 in mechanical fitting through Gimbal training.

Yeah. It’s, it’s helped a lot.

Especially with me, moving into the position I’m gonna be moving into. It’s exciting times for myself.

If you put in the hard work and you’re dedicated to what you want your outcome to be, you know, anythings possible really.

And it was affordable and easy enough to do. If you’ve got the right training and skills behind yourself already.

Now that I’ve got a trade, I can be anywhere in the world and do the same stuff.

I’m grateful for Gimbal for giving me the opportunity to get signed off as a tradesman and I hope everyone else can sort of jump on board with them guys and move forward and upskill.