Glass and Glazing Apprenticeship QLD


Gimbal has been training our glazing apprentices over the last 12 years.

The trainers come in and they will work around our work schedule. Sometimes things happen and you’ve got projects on the booked in training dates don’t quite work.

So they’re happy to rearrange and work in with what our timeframes are.

They have integrated online training with the apprenticeships.

The boys can actually just upload photos of all their jobs and things as they’re going through on their daily routines, upload that straight into their training modules and it’s done. There are a lot of training areas that you can put your apprentices through, but we found Gimbal is very good for us because they work with our business.

They will be flexible with their times that we can have available sometimes. The boys will be sick, so they’ll just, just reschedule. I would highly recommend going the one-on-one training. It’s a good way to train your apprentices.