Register of Contractors for Cyclone Debbie

With Cyclone Debbie on top of us, the QBCC is busy establishing a register of contractors. If you are are able to assist with recover work once Cyclone Debbie has passed then you need to make your intention on the list. This list will be available to home owners in need of work and potentially be viewed by insurance companies that handle claims and are looking for external contractors.

Register your interest with the QBCC by emailing them on and include the following information:

·         Their Full Name or Company Name held on their Licence
·         Licence origin address (e.g. which town they are licensed in)
·         Licence No.
·         Trade/profession (e.g. plumber, electrician, builder low rise, painter, etc)
·         Areas where they are willing to travel to assist
·         Phone Number
·         Availability (Start and Finish Date).