Free Skills Assessment

Recognition of Prior Learning (Skills Assessment / RPL)

There is no need to learn what you already know. Before you embark on further study consider the skills and knowledge you have gained over the years through work and life experiences.

Experience can be gained through formal and informal learning, in Australia or overseas, through work and through other activities such as volunteering.

An RPL process is a fact finding process where we work with you to substantiate what you have already gained in the way of skills and knowledge and, from this, determine what you still need to know.

Subject to sufficient evidence being provided, you may qualify for credits towards a qualification. This will reduce the time it takes to get a qualification. In fact you may not need to study at all.

  • Free Skills Assessment Review

    Your free skills assessment review will only take 2 or 3 minutes to complete. Once you are finished, one of Gimbal Training team members will be in contact.