QBCC Management Course (BSBESB402)

For those interested in supplementing their trade-based qualifications with business knowledge, the QBCC Management Course is a nationally-recognised qualification to help you do just that. Get ahead in your career with a qualification in construction business management with Gimbal Construction (RTO ID 32201)

QBCC stands for Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Their official course qualifies you for the skills and knowledge required to identify and handle risks when in a supervisor or manager’s role.

With this course, you can learn how to initiate and establish legal risk requirements and management practices. If you’re interested in a career as a licensed trade contractor or nominee supervisor, this course is a requirement. Gimbal Construction (RTO ID 32201) pairs you with a qualified business assessor to help you through the duration of the course. 

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The QBCC Business Management Course is required for those looking to: 

  • Procure their licence 
  • Work independently on projects that cost more than $3300 
  • Work independently on projects that cost more than $1100 where it involves Hydraulic Services Design

Potential future roles could include: 

  • Trade contractor 
  • Supervisor

With Gimbal Construction (RTO ID 32201), you can complete this course at your own pace online. There are five practical assessments to complete successfully to gain the unit of competency.

The cost of the QBCC Management Course (BSBESB402) will depend on whether or not you are eligible for government funding. Gimbal Construction (RTO ID 32201) accepts flexible payment options for this course.

For details on prices, please download our fee schedule here.

Here are the entry requirements for this course:  

  • An Australian or New Zealand citizen
  • A permanent resident of Australia
  • A visa holder with the right to work in Australia (excluding international student visa holders)
  • Currently working in Queensland in the Construction Industry

The QBCC Management Course (BSBESB402) offered by Gimbal Construction (RTO ID 32201) is a nationally recognised qualification essential for independent trade contractors and nominee supervisors in Queensland’s Construction Industry. 

Aligning with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s (QBCC) requirements, this course enables participants to gain vital skills in identifying and managing legal risks on-site. 

The course, tailored to those looking to be licensed or qualified for managerial site positions, can be completed online at one’s own pace with Gimbal Construction (RTO ID 32201). 

Eligible participants may benefit from government funding under CSQ (Construction Skills Queensland), making this essential course more accessible to those aiming to enhance their trade qualifications with vital business acumen.

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