Apprentice Information

So you want to become an Australian Apprentice?

Australian Apprenticeships are the best way to combine training and employment and they can lead to a nationally recognised qualification.

Australian Apprenticeships offer a range of benefits, they:

  • Are a great way to get a head start in a chosen career
  • Involve paid work and structured training that can be on-the-job, off-the-job or a combination of both
  • Represent ‘competency based’ training which means individuals can complete their training faster when they reach the required skills level
  • Enable existing skills and prior experience to be recognised and course credit granted, potentially reducing formal training time
  • Are available as full-time or part-time, including part-time in many schools
  • Lead to nationally recognised qualifications and skills which provide the basis for further education and training over the course of a person’s working life; and
  • Are an important pathway from school to work.

Employer Information

Did you know that the government can provide up to $10,500 in incentives for employers?

Did you know there may also be Payroll Tax Exemptions for employing Trainees/Apprentices?

Incentives can help you in employing an Australian Apprentice

Employers hiring Australian Apprentices may be eligible to receive incentive payments under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program. Incentives are subject to eligibility criteria, waiting periods and time limits being met. Your Apprenticeship Network provider will assess your eligibility for incentives.

Incentives payments are made when Australian Apprentices commence, recommence and complete their training. Tens of thousands of employers of Australian Apprentices receive incentives payments from the Australian Government every year.

Why Choose Gimbal Training for your Apprenticeship Training?

  • Regular site visits from one of our industry qualified trainers
  • Flexible training plans and delivery – we come to you when it suits you
  • Don’t lose your apprentice for days at a time
  • We train and assess both theory and practical skills in the best classroom – on-the-job
  • We can train and assess offsite when and where required

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